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Wole Oluyemi

Wole Oluyemi is a chartered accountant, business advisor and public speaker on SME businesses, business management, market entry strategy, corporate political strategy, financial strategy and tax strategy. He has about two decades’ experience from Arthur Andersen, KPMG and Chevron where he had diversified experience spanning across Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Congo, Angola and the USA…

The Market Place Evangelist

Wole Oluyemi is leveraging on his various social media platforms to build a strong marketplace community of professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs through a well coordinated postings of structured content on his website and across Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter…

Knowledge Consultant

Wole Oluyemi regularly facilitates executive education programs on leadership, business management, strategy, finance and tax for ambitious organisations across Africa during corporate trainings and leadership retreats. 

He has been involved in delivering mandatory continuing professional educational (MCPE) programs…


Oluyemi is a chartered accountant and business advisor to several organisations, across all industries. He focuses on strategy, finance, tax and accounting advisory engagements.

He has consulted for several large and growing organizations such as Airtel, AP Moeller Group, Bayer, Big Dutchman AG, Cancer Aware…

Public Speaker

Oluyemi gives over 20 keynote speeches per year on topics such as entrepreneurship, business management, SME businesses, leadership, strategy, finance, tax, accounting and workplace issues…

Street, food & Travel Photographer

Wole Oluyemi is an emerging prolific street, food and travel photographer based in Africa. Captivated by the diversity of cultures, people, food, places and environment, Wole Oluyemi ventures far and wide to capture images that has the capability to inspire an audience in a way individual to each viewer…



Wole’s Instagram posts are targeted at entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals, focusing on SME Businesses, Strategy, Finance & Tax... Read More


Wole Oluyemi recently launched the #AskWoleOluyemi Show as the flagship series on his YouTube channel. On it, he responds to questions submitted by his followers on Instagram. Read More


This is the first social media platform that Wole Oluyemi consciously grew as an adult. It is not surprising that this is the most direct and personal way to reach him for 1-1 conversations.


The FaceBook page is dedicated to everything that relates to Wole Oluyemi, from personal to business activities. Stay up to date on everything through the FaceBook page.

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