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DataPro – BASIC Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

Welcome to a journey into Data!

In addition to my love for investing in start-ups and working with founders to deliver high performance results, I work with senior executives to derive business and market intelligence from data – to support business strategy. So, I appreciate the value of data analytics.

We need more people to develop such #DataPro skill sets in @Microsoft @office Excel and use it to enhance the efficiency in their job processes or personal workflows while adding more values to their organizations. 

This #DataPro session is for people that would love to be able to generate basic reports and play with data using standard formulas (sum, product, concatenate, left, right, etc), nested formulas, pivot charts, slicers, filters, goal seek, charts and graphs. If you are not ready to be challenged and learn, this program is not for you.

Once you register HERE, you’ll receive your personal invite with Zoom meeting details via the email address you would have registered with. Participants are expected to have a functional laptop with MS Excel already installed.

This first cohort is starting on October 24 and there would be other cohorts (general and special groups for different campuses) until after this #DataPro program would have impacted up to 100,000+ people, hopefully before or by December 2022.

Register using this link.

“Microsoft” and “Office” are trademarks of Microsoft.


Oct 24 2020


3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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