Business unusual 2019.2

They say Lagos is the city that never sleeps, well the entrepreneurs at this event certainly brought their game on! This Business Unusual session was aimed to take the participants businesses to the next level. We covered different topics like: Leveraging Social Media for Business Advantage, Reaching Out to Targeted Audience on Instagram, Running ADs and Promotions on Instagram and FaceBook, Hashtag Strategy for Biz on Instagram, Growing the Customer Base from Social Media: The ARV Advantage and Attracting and Raising Growth Capital for Business. There was a Social Media clinic to assist participants resolve issues with their use of Instagram. And of cause breakfast & lunch from the famous Road Chef.



Padebi Ojomo


Padebi Ojomo is a Relationship Marketing Advocate. She is a Serial Entrepreneur, Sales and Digital Marketing Expert and a multi-passionate speaker. She brings her wealth of business building into helping organizations get the perfect customers and keep them.

She does this with her signature process called the ARV Advantage.

The ARV Advantage is a digital marketing methodology that focuses on relationship building. The ARV advantage helps you establish a connection first, gain their trust next, then make buying the next logical step.

She is the founder of The Business Advantage Network. The first referral network for small business owners in Africa. When she is not mapping funnels for her clients, she is reading a book, or is at home playing hide and seek with her two lovely daughters.

Her goal is to help 1,000 businesses build a loyal community of lifelong buyers, that buys over and again as well as refers you to their network.

Roberts Yakubu


Roberts Yakubu is an investor and digital entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience working in brand communications and digital media. He is the Lead Business Strategist at Roberts Yakubu Consulting, a company focused on building digital strategies for brands seeking improved brand recognition, business reach and lead generation.
Roberts is also the convener of The Instabiz Academy and The Business Mastery Program which empowers entrepreneurs, marketers and business professionals across countries in Africa and Europe, helping them build profitable business ventures online and offline.
His intrinsic and detailed approach to explaining complex business and technical concepts has earned him invitations to speak at several business seminars and conferences on entrepreneurship and social media across Nigeria including the School of Entrepreneurship, Federal University of Technology, Minna.
Along with his team, Roberts is currently working on a project to build Africa’s most desirable community of social media savvy entrepreneurs.