The Compound Effect

Author: Darren Hardy

This book is highly recommended to anyone who is into real-estate. This is not just because the author got his start in real estate and brings his experiences in real estate into this highly personal book but because it offers a formula for success in entrepreneurship. Below is a short review of the book. I suggest that after reading this review, you go ahead to get the book and read it. Trust me when I say purchasing it will be money well spent.
1. The author brings to our consciousness that there is no magic bullet for success but rather, success is the sum of the many small decisions we make every day, which we perform consistently and over time.
2. The mindset that “slow and steady wins the race” is one which you will have to adopt so as to implement the steps you take to “harness the power the Compound Effect”. 3. Remember the tale of the Tortoise and Hare? Well, the author uses this story to remind us that success is a consequence of the sum of the small, smart choices performed consistently over time.
4. There is always the question of how long that span of time between consistency and achieving should be and how soon you see the effect. Some will achieve much faster results over a shorter period of time and vice-versa.
5. The author compares different rates of growth to swimmers who slowly immerse themselves in water versus those who dive right in.
6. Darren Hardy shows his readers the power in taking 100% ownership of every choice you make, considering every habit you develop, and most importantly for your finances, tracking everything you do and every penny you spend with an eye on what the long term effect will be.
In summary, the author points out that success is something you attract by the person you become. In reading this book, you will see that you can become a more successful version of yourself as you unlock your highest potential