The Little Book Of Talent

Author: Daniel Coyle

In this book, the author Daniel Coyle explores 52 tips in which you can improve your skills. This book contains insightful examples and principles that can easily be applied to real life situations. It is also a guide to any individual who feels he/she can do better at life. This book is highly recommended as a guidebook to Getting Started, Improving Skills and Sustaining your Progress. Below is a few keynotes on this truly amazing 160 page book.

1. The author emphasises the importance of simplicity. He points out that because we’re all navigating busy, complex lives. Parent or teacher, kid or coach, artist or entrepreneur, we all want to make the most of our time and energy.
2. This book talks about and covers a wealth of knowledge which can be divided into three sections and they are Getting Started, Improving Skills and Sustaining your Progress.

3. Getting Started comprises of ideas for igniting motivation and creating a blueprint for the skills you want to build.
4. Improving Skills focuses on methods and techniques for making the most progress in the least time.
5. Sustaining Progress finds strategies for overcoming challenges, keeping motivational fires lit, and building habits for long term success.
6.Some of the tips present in this book are “Buy a notebook, Be willing to be stupid, Choose Spartan over luxurious, Honour the hard skills, Find the sweet spot, Take off your watch, Embrace struggle, Practice alone, Think in images, Shrink the space”.
There are 52 of these tips present in this book, to get the entire tips and the full gist on each of them, I suggest you go get the book.