Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

In the course of reading this book, you might have a few misconceptions due to the personality of the author but you must bear in mind that although the author was a serial liar and cheated his way through life, the purported ‘effectiveness’ of his advice is a complete fabrication of his imagination. So when reading this book, take your mind away from the personality of the person who wrote the book and focus on the message being passed across and you would be sure to learn a thing or two just as I did. Some of my takeaways from the book are:

1. The author designed a step by step approach which sets the right mental conditions for an individual dedicated to pursuing wealth and if adopted, achieving wealth is probably possible.
2. He sees no structural barriers or particular level of education to wealth creation. He beliefs creating wealth all happens in your mind and you having the right attitude and attributes.
3. He also admits to no insurmountable economic conditions, vast inequality gaps, barriers of gender, race, and class standing in the way of an individual getting ahead in the world.
4. The author urged his readers to reset their mental compass and ignore the barriers even though they exist.
5. Getting ahead in the world all has to do with one’s mind. All you have to do is tune in to the right frequency and you would be guided in your journey of vast riches.
6. You must have mastery over your mind. Your fears, doubts, procrastination and negativity must be conquered.
7. Napoleon Hill encouraged his readers to set specific monetary goals.
In summary, when you want to go from ‘down here” to “up there” in life, one major task is to have the right attitude and you‘ll see your life change right in front of you.