Who Moved My Cheese

Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson

In this book, the author talks about how to deal with drastic changes that can happen in your personal and work life.
1)Who moved my cheese is a proverbial story about two men (Hem & Haw) and two mice who were in a maze and were looking for cheese

2)Hem & Haw together with the mice were stuck in a maze with their cheese to last them a lifetime

3)Hem & Haw got too used to the cheese they had and then relaxed in their old ways but the mice kept searching for more in different parts of the maze. This shows that we should learn to get out of our comfort zone because this will get us stuck in your old ways

4)The mice were ready to move on to another part of the maze in case the cheese they had finished. This just shows us that we should always be vigilant and to prepare for the inevitable

5)After sometime, the chess finished and Hem & Haw were stuck with no cheese. Once it finished Hem & Haw started blaming circumstances but not themselves. We should learn not to get bitter and blame anyone or anything else for where we are in life. Take the initiative and improve your standard of living to what you want it to be. 6)After a while Hem decided to move with the change and went on to look for more cheese. He learnt along the way to; Anticipate Change, Monitor Change, Adapt to Change and Embrace Change

6)He finally found a part of the maze where they were a whole lot and different types of cheese. You never know what is out there until you step out.

At the end of this book, it is safe to say you should never have an entitlement mentality. No one owes you anything but rather you owe yourself everything. #woleoluyemico #bookreview #entrepreneur #smeNigeria #businessguru #nigerianentrepreneur