If your business is reasonably structured and need growth equity capital, then you need to send me a an email (after reading the caption below).

Ready-Set-Grow (RSG), an initiative being led by @WoleOluyemiCo, to support growing businesses to fund, scale and grow their businesses especially in manufacturing, food processing, logistics, food delivery, agricultural distribution, photography, videography, and media services (web design, graphics, PR, and social media management) sectors.

Do you have a growing startup business with current revenues exceeding NGN250k/month (with evidence that the sales proceeds are passing through the business bank account)?

If you do and are interested in having additional equity (not donation or grants) investments in the business, email me at

Incorporated businesses that are owned by 3-5 shareholders out of which 60% of the shareholders are not from the same family are preferred.

1. It takes about 3-6 months for the final investment decision to be taken. Favorable decision is not automatic and a rejection does not imply that your business is not viable.

2. As part of the funding, the investors might require a functional board with responsibility for oversight on the business, including the finance and operational activities. This may include the option for the investor to appoint an auditor (at their own cost) to perform regular financial review of the business.

3. The shareholding agreement will include clauses that stipulates terms and conditions for the possible buy-out of the investors at any time in the future.

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