Speaking engagement

Wole Oluyemi is a sought after speaker at corporate executive retreats, seminars and conferences, including those of leading professional associations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN). He also speaks regularly at career fairs and youth empowerment programs across Nigerian campuses including those sponsored by different donor agencies and groups. In the past one year, he has participated in over 40 speaking engagements.

Some of his frequently requested seminar and conference topics are:

  • The Art of Strategic Laziness
  • Starting and Managing a Business in Nigeria
  • Strategic Business Opportunities in Nigeria for 2019
  • SME Business Opportunities that You Can Start with Less Than N1M
  • Quo va Dis? What’s next after Graduation?
  • The Funding Challenge Attracting and Raising Growth Capital for Business
  • Managing a Not-for-Profit Organization in Nigeria
  • Developing Social Capital for Business Growth
  • Corporate Political Behaviour for Growing Businesses
  • Paying Caeser Overview of Taxes in Nigeria
  • Anatomy of Success Entrepreneurs’ Burden of Failure
  • Fighting Giants Competing with Larger Companies in a Free Market (Davids vs. Goliaths)
  • Leveraging Social Media for Business Advantage

In addition to these popular topics, Wole also works with clients for customised topics that will meet their needs and objectives.