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The Pursuit of Impact and Happiness – Leadership Journey Through Learning

The past few months have been a transformational and inspiring journey as I completed the General Management Program (GMP34) at the Harvard Business School (HBS) in April. The program has inspired me to be a better leader as I pursue real impact, self-fulfilment and happiness. The GMP program at HBS has been a journey of deep learning and self-discovery.

I was privileged to work alongside about 140 other senior executives from 40 different nations, as we learnt from the world-class GMP faculty led by Prof Stefan Thomke along with other faculty members like Prof Jan Rivkin, Prof Kash Rangan, Scott Mayfield, Prof Rafael Di Tella, Prof Linda Hill, and Andy Wasynczuk, as they helped to refine and expand my view of business and leadership – through hundreds of case studies and different sessions on Strategy, Finance, Corporate Governance, Accounting & Reporting, Marketing, Leadership and Innovation. The dedicated executive coaching sessions were also excellent. The meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at Chao Center were a 5-star service. Thanks to Ani Kharajian, Sabrina Marzouki, Audrey Crompton and Nicole Zelazko for the excellent coordination and logistics arrangements. The GMP experience is unforgettable, and I am proud to be part of this GMP34 cohort. I am coming out of the program with the knowledge, tools, networks and resources to be an authentic leader – inspiring and approachable.

One of the best “takeaways” from the program is the relationships with many of my GMP34 colleagues – from different cultures, continents and industries. For my ‘Tribe 007’ members, we went from being a learning group to being a living group and then to being a family – we cared for each other, challenged each other, and were there for each other. Thank you for bringing your true self into the program and enabling us to create great memories together. It is time to continue our journey to “change the world”.

I am grateful to everyone who supported me over the past few months as I navigated through the program – family, friends, colleagues, associates, and bosses. Thank you all for your contribution towards the “better me”.

The journey has just started. I look forward to the next chapter of my leadership journey with confidence and courage. In the near future, I’ll be more confident to pursue some audacious goals and lead strategic initiatives that will generate significant impacts for the organizations and communities I am affiliated with.

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