The MarketPlace Ventaja

Wole Oluyemi continuously seeks to develop and maintain multiple platforms and initiatives to provide competitive advantage to ambitious and forward looking businesses via structured visibility enhancement opportunities on both social media and offline.

Ventaja is a Spanish word for “Advantage”. So, this is an opportunity to create a competitive advantage for discerning businesses and business owners.
During our various foreign travels, we all do enjoy in-flight entertainment on our flights. So, it is easy to embrace “in-ride” entertainment in those Uber vehicles in Lagos. Now, with the collaboration with Taxi-TV (operators of this initiative), SMEs will have opportunity of advertising on the in-ride screens just like the big brands.
The MarketPlace Ventaja is Wole’s unique offering to SME and growing businesses to get featured on his fast growing social media platforms in addition to the complimentary advert slots on the Taxi-TV in-ride entertainment screens on Uber and Taxify vehicles in Lagos. There are about 1,000 vehicles with the TaxiTV screens in Lagos alone, with an average passenger traffic of 15 people per day. Do the Maths – that’s huge. And that’s for a token monthly fee. Of course, the ads will run at least once daily.

Our monthly service cycle for all clients will start on the first calendar day of each month, so you are encouraged to pay the N63,000 monthly subscription by the 15th day of the prior month. So, pay by 15 February if you want the service in March. Simple, right? But that’s only if you want to continue with the service. But, why won’t you?

So, in order to take one of the ad slots, just go straight to click on the subscribe button below. 

It is preferable to use the debit card that is linked to your business account. This is part of our customer verification process.
For large brands, the Ventaja+ package will be customized for such organization based on their advert objectives and content (to be provided by the company), so reach us via email at

Be “Woke”.

Ventaja Package

Taxitv Ad

You get  advert slots on the Taxi-TV in-ride entertainment screens on Uber and Taxify vehicles in Lagos for offline reach and visibility.

Social Media

You get featured on Wole Oluyemi's fast growing social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook & Youtube.

Motion graphics

You get E-flyers as well as Professional videos. These are going to be used as advert materials across all platforms.

Sponsored Ad

You get paid Sponsored adverts across social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook